Mouse Eats Cheese (aka Mouse Droid Eats Cheese)… this is a sample game I used to learn more about Unreal Engine 5. Details on how it was created are below after some spoiler gap. To get a versions, if you really want to try it out, jump in our Discord and ask there. Enjoy!

You will have to click through details on Windows Trust to tell Windows to allow it to run the first time. You may also be asked to install 1-2 “runtimes” to run UE5 games. That’s expected and pretty standard but not packaged into the game automtically (though it will install automatically). The game also isn’t very optimized so may not run all that well on limited hardware.

Scroll down for some development notes. Spoilers!!

Here are some notes:
This an experimental project. I was looking for an excuse to get into Unreal Engine 5 and experiment with game development end-to-end. I took my co-host Sema’s idea of the perfect chill game (just a mouse eating cheese) and ran with it. Everything was done custom as part of the learning experience including the models, animation, background, effects, etc.

  • There are 9 planets to discover made with Stable Diffusion and a depth mapping AI tool called LeiaPix.
  • There are 14 cheeses to discover, all custom made with some sharing of textures and models.
  • The names of the planets and some of the cheese descriptions were inspired by ChatGPT.
  • There are three large props and three small props that show up randomly. These are mostly older Blender practice projects I made previously.
  • The order of the planets, the cheese, the props are all random and shuffled at game start and will repeat forever.
  • Colors of the box and the characteristics of the lighting all change depending on the planet that’s loaded.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll add more details here or in our Discord!