READ: Throne of the Crescent Moon

NOL-READ Cover-Throne of the Crescent MoonThe Overlords command: READ Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed. The Overlords offer these words of encouragement: ARABIC, SORCERY, GHULS, ALCHEMY, DERVISH, RELIGION, BEDOUIN, POLITICS

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Max says: This book is somewhat unique in being a fantasy novel based on Middle Eastern mythologies. In a world of ghuls raised by black sorcery, an oppressive Khalif sitting on the throne, and holy Dervish wielding swords, the main character, Doctor Adoulla Makslood is an aging “Ghul Hunter” who’s on the edge or retirement. He’s trying to get out (and spend quiet days drinking cardamom tea), but they keep pulling him back in! I recommend it for the Middle Eastern mythology, good characters and their relationships, and slower paced but solid and entertaining story. The side story of the corrupt monarchy being fought by the Robin Hood styled ‘Falcon Prince’ seems to be groundwork the future, but I haven’t read any others in the series yet. Great Audible narrator if you go that route. I’d slide the attribute sliders for this one as such:

NOL-Read Sliders-Throne of the Crescent Moon

As always, I’m interested in everyone else’s review, other recommendations, etc. Thanks!