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As a good minion willing participant of the new order, I’ve constructed this obligatory voluntary web site to illuminate my thoughts and notes on the various regimes that rule our lives guide us all.

For me, lately, I submit myself to respect and admire the MMO Overlords (mostly Star Wars: The Old Republic), and the Endurance Sports Overlords (mostly marathon running.)

Keep an eye out for comments, notes, etc. on these and other topics I’m obligated happy to promote by the oppressors protectors under which I operate.

About Max (@MaxTheGrey)

It seems that he’s been living two lives. One life, he’s a Business Development Architect for a respectable global technology consulting company. He has a few kids, lives near Chicago, and he… runs marathons, often. The other life is lived in computers, where he goes by the MMO alias “Max”, and is guilty of playing various MMORPGs nonstop since the beta of Ultima Online, joining Alea Iacta Est a couple years back and now operating as an AIE officer in SW:TOR.

One of these lives has a future, and one of them…

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  1. Hello.
    Can I bother you for some follow-up information regarding the topic of your show “SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 104: Secrets of the Cartel Market” ??

    I came away somewhat frustrated as you talked a lot about the functionality of the cartel market and collections (which makes sense for the podcast), but in the YouTube video there was little actual demonstration of the ‘click-this’ and ‘this’ happens.

    So…. am I correct in understanding the following:
    -Player character TC purchases item on cartel market.
    – TC pays for global unlock across legacy
    – item is now unlocked and usable by other characters of the legacy
    – item is listed/active in the collections
    – Process/method “X” is used to move the item from collections to new character ZZ.

    ?? yes ??

    What is the method “X”???

    Here’s my problem. I purchased the ‘space combat’ items for my spaceship (not GSF). And they show active in all my characters collections list, but I have no way to tell if it’s been purchased for the legacy, and there is no ‘button’ or selection button to purchase and make it available for the legacy…so I am assuming that they are already for legacy. But I can’t figure out how to push/pull/select/activate the item for another character???
    I can’t remember which original character made the original purchase. I have accessed the collection item with each character and there is no difference in how the collections item appears… there’s a ‘cartel market’ button with only re-opens the cartel market window, but then there is no way to move the item from collections to the cartel market window to make a re-purchase. I’m going in circles.

    so… does my explanation of my problem make sense? and can you advise me on what to to?

    Thank you for you attention to my problem. I considered posting this on the SWTOR forum, but since you have recently addressed the topic I though i’d start with you. I listen each week to you guys and enjoy your banter and insight.


    1. Interesting. Some of the items work slightly differently so let me see if I can clarify. (I can’t find the starship parts on the cartel market right now so I can’t try and replication, unfortunately.) Typically, with items, you purchase the item on a particular character, redeem that item from your “unclaimed items” and then have it in your bag. Once you equip/bind the item, then it is available in your collections interface with a little box icon that’s lit up. Clicking that box will give you another bound copy on that particular character. After it is bound like this, you are usually able to switch to another character and again, look up the item in the collections UI. At this point, you’ll see the item highlighted with two gold icons in the lower left. The second is a cartel icon with an up arrow on it. Hovering over this one will tell you that you are able to purchase a legacy unlock for all characters. Once you do that then that will turn into the little box icon and allow you to get copies of that item on that character as well as any character in your legacy.

      One catch that you may be running into. Some items are considered sets. An armor set, for example, requires you to bind all the pieces of the set for it to show up in your collections interface as unlocked and available for legacy unlock. Finally, starship parts could be a special case where no legacy wide unlock is available.

      The easiest (and one of the most useful) cartel items to try this with is weapon crystals. Buying one from the cartel market or even the GTN and then binding it (insert into your weapon) will then unlock it in the cartel interface and you can make multiple copies. Very useful for companions and if you dual wield. Once bound like that you can experiment with going to other characters and seeing what the legacy unlock looks like.

      Hope that helps.

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