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Welcome to the SWTOR reputation calculator and tracker – updated for Dantooine (also works for Ossus rep, but the token values are different for all the older reps). Only the highlighted boxes need to be filled in:

Reputation for the various factions in SWTOR is gained by collecting and then using reputation tokens. These typically come from the various daily quests in a given area but sometimes show up as random drops, boss drops, etc.

A key limiter to the reputation system is the cap of 12000 reputation points allowed per week per reputation category. As soon as you reach or slightly exceed this cap you can’t use any more of that type of reputation token for the week.

If you are looking to maximize your reputation gains and minimize the number of weeks to reach the various ranks the key trick is to get your reputation as close to 11999 as possible and then use a purple quality reputation token, allowing you to exceed the cap by the maximum amount for the week. You can find charts around that will help you figure out exactly how many will get you as close as possible to your optimal cap. You’ll also want to keep track of exactly how many tokens you have on hand on each character and the total number you’ll need in the following weeks to reach legendary (at which point you know you can stop grinding for reputation tokens.)

Further complicating the calculation of how much reputation each token can get you are two factors: One, subscribers get more reputation per token used, and two, the reputation bonus of your guild will increase the amount gained per token as well (hence the need to enter the bonus per character).

This spreadsheet is the tool I use to track how many tokens I have, how many I need, etc. Fill in the grey boxes with the amount of rep you have in each rank, the orange boxes gets your guild bonus per character, and then the green, blue and purple boxes get filled in with the number of tokens you have per character. You can then check how much rep you still need to get Legendary (or whatever rank) and the number of tokens needed.

Feel free to download a copy via the embedded link. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “SWTOR Reputation Calculator”

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  3. Michael Gorman

    there is a slight error in your excel file,
    The first variable in each of the Trophies needed section (I13-J15) should refer to $H$5 not $G$5, as it stands it will stop showing you how many items you will need as soon as you can get to Champion.
    Other than that this is a pretty cool calculator and helped out a bunch

  4. Good catch. That was a holdover from the original version which was targeting champion (since that’s the rank you can get early by maximizing rep with tokens going over 12k.) Thanks!

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