EQN Landmark – Foundations

EQNL-Founder logoLearning more about the select, smooth and paint tools I decided to reset my claim and start some further experimentation. I was envisioning something more fantastic and the smoothed pillar towers seemed like a fun next step. Here’s the foundation I’m going to start experimenting on. However, I’m pausing here for the moment until I get the line tool to clean up those jagged edges and make the ramps more of what I’m looking for.

EverQuestNextLandmark64 2014-02-12 17-53-05-68 EverQuestNextLandmark64 2014-02-12 17-54-46-45 EverQuestNextLandmark64 2014-02-12 17-55-27-30

I’m on Serenity – Ravine still, about here:

EverQuestNextLandmark64 2014-02-12 17-58-40-70

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