SWTOR 450 Bioanalysis

Average returns for the 450 Bioanalysis missions:

You can see the count of the number of missions I’ve tracked in the “Count” column. This does include crticial success averaged in and I’m using mostly 10k affection companions, but not any of the three companions that give an extra bonus to Bioanalysis.

Average profit is based on minimum materials prices off the Jedi Covenant GTN as of the afternoon of 5/3/2013.

4 thoughts on “SWTOR 450 Bioanalysis”

    1. I do collect the stats from time to time on some of the other skills. If there was one people were interested in I could focus on that for a few days and update the data. My spreadsheet is set to track Slicing, Scavenging, Bioanalysis, Underworld Trading, Diplomacy, Archaeology, and Treasure Hunting. I guess I’m only missing Investigation, which I could add.

      What would be interesting for an update?

  1. Underworld Trading would be most useful to me Max, it’s the skill which seems most cost effective to run missions for, to support my Cybertech, but that is just my perception, with no hard data to back it up.

    1. That is a good one and one I do run on a couple characters. I’ll spin some up and update my stats and return. It’s an interesting one in the Beryllius is relatively consistent in value and sells at a good price. However, you only get it off the 450 mission drop or on a crit, which is an additional spin. Frasium can be near worthless in comparison. Good one!

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