SWTOR 450 Slicing

Update as of 4/6/2014: Data now updated for a more recent run of missions and updated values for the 450 mission drops off the GTN as of 4/6. Enjoy!

Average returns for the 450 Slicing missions:

Here are the keys to how I’ve been running these to grab the data:

  • Run on ~10 different characters with companions affection ranging from 6000 to 10000
    Treek and HK are included from time to time.
  • Results are a bit skewed since I tend to run “Unsliceable?” on the companion that has a crit bonus if one is available.
  • The data set is still small for a real feel of what average mission drop crits are like across a variety of companion affections but you get a feel from this.
  • Average profit is based on Thermal Regulator prices and an average of the 450 missions minimum cost on the GTN as of 4/6/2014.


  • Slicing missions are only profitable if they crit and then if you do something with the resulting bonus (thermal regulator or 450 mission drop)
  • Selling the drops outright gets you the averages you see here, but you may get more by running the missions and selling the results if you have compatible companions
  • My priority is “Unsliceable” and “Watching” since I make augments for more profit margin and velocity of sale.

Let me know if you have any questions here or on Twitter @MaxTheGrey!

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