SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 33 – Getting started with Crew Skills

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast-ArtworkThis week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-33 talk about getting started with Crew Skills and Crafting. We cover the background, tips on the first Crew Skills you might want to pick up, and talk about what we like to do on new characters or even on a first character on a new server. We also cover news for the week from SWTOR in general and from our guild, Alea Iacta Est in SWTOR. Of course, you’ll also hear what we have been doing lately.

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Our Wish of the Week: We are going to agree with the Bad Feeling Podcast guys here and wish for mini-games! They have some great ideas this week so we second the motion… make it so. (Let us know what your wishes for the future of SWTOR are and we can talk about them on the cast and feature them here.)

On Jedi Covenant, find Max playing as: Imperial (Max’z, Mhax, Mhaxs, Mhaxz) Republic (Maxz, Maxxz, M’axz) and Sema playing as: Imperial (Maurienne, Enne) Republic (Semaperdu)

Podcast theme music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

2 thoughts on “SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 33 – Getting started with Crew Skills”

  1. Great show! I loved the crew skills breakdown. Cybertech all the way, especially for leveling.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! Agree on the cybertech. I like having it on an alt all leveled up with all the companions. I typically like to outfit in blue mods and having 5 companions to crank out greens until I reverse engineer the blue schematic really helps. The new planetary commendation system makes doing cybertech less critical while leveling, but it’s still probably top on my list.

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