SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 393: Chris Schmidt Interview!

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast-Artwork This week we talked Combat Styles in an interview with Chris Schmidt, Bioware’s Game Design Director for SWTOR. That and more on this episode of The Escape Pod Cast for Star Wars The Old Republic with @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-393. If you’d like to come join us in AIE, our multi-game guild is always looking for new members. Catch us for an invite on our guild Discord which you can find along with other good guild information at https://aie-guild.org/swtor/

Our notes and bullets from the interview we showed during the podcast.
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5 thoughts on “SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 393: Chris Schmidt Interview!”

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  4. The fact that he said you have to finish chapter 3 to be able to roll a toon from lv.1 with the new system is a deal breaker and a “BAD” idea. For new players coming into the game its basically play the entire story then we will allow you to unlock the new system and reroll a new toon from lv.1. Why not simply allow people to start from lv.1 with the new system. Why force them to play the game / character biowares way to a certain lvl in said game, meaning you have to purchase xpacs and what not to then be able to go back and reroll that same toon and play it how you want to. That is just a horrible idea in regards to such an amazing new concept. JMHO

    1. That’s only for certain “Cross-over” scenarios like taking a Jedi and giving them Sith powers. The design goal for those is to better align with lore and canon (since they are still under Lucasfilm review) for anyone new to the Old Republic material.

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