SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 11 – Power Leveling

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast-ArtworkThis week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-11 bring you news on the in-game cartel coin purchase update and details, tips and tricks for power leveling and taking advantage of bonus XP weekends. We went a little long and still didn’t cover everything in our notes so hit us up on Twitter, forums or the web site comments with any questions or comments!

And… she’s pretty quiet about it and doesn’t like to mention it more than once every 30 seconds, but apparently, with the force, Ashara can do “anything.”

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  1. The Devs said in a cantina tour that Space Missions at your equivalent level difficulty or harder will give you more XP per minute than anything else in the game.

    Last double XP weekend I tested this and it seems to hold true. I was earning easily over 40K XP per space mission. Sometimes as much as over 60k XP. Missions that are sometimes only 5-8 minutes long. Note that I did have all my XP Character perks, Guild XP Perk and the +25% XP boosts. At the same time I was running these, my other guildmates were doing PvP and I was easily beating them in XP gains.

    That said, I know that Space Missions are tough for some people, but I find them all fairly easy.

    May the Cartel Coins be With you!

    1. That’s interesting. I hadn’t seen that dev comment. Even without the validation I certainly felt like it was worthwhile at level to get the space dailies done. One issue with space missions is that they come in chunks and you will get a few levels where they aren’t as efficient, until the next chunk of missions unlock. Makes it a little more difficult to manage than just saying “do your space dailies every day” like I do with the PvP daily, but still worth it for when you do hit those sweet spots.

  2. Another XP Weekend opportunity is to sell your extra Mats or Gear on the GTN. Mats and Gear that aren’t in as much demand normally, go up in demand enormously during Double XP.

    Why? Because people are grinding thru the levels so quickly, they don’t want to slow down to farm mats or do side quests. Meaning that they may be leveling faster than they can gear up themselves or companion. So GTN prices increase and even poor “green” level gear can become valuable.

    1. Great point and something I typically plan for as well. I make a lot of my “income” from L55 augments but that trails the week or two after XP bonus days. Within the bonus window, providing a stock of leveling gear, hilts, barrels, mods, etc. can be both profitable and appreciated by the people looking for that stuff as they go.

  3. I have a question, what skill tree would you recommend for an assassin? I have a 55 mercenary and a knight but never really looked into assassins. At first glance it seemed that the mid tree is the way to go, but I’m hearing a lot of different things.

    1. You have some flexibility on Assassin while leveling. Any of the three trees will work, in general.
      – Darkness is the tank build, which you could pair with a healer or DPS companion. I find this a bit slower in solo PvE but you are quite sturdy for tougher mobs.
      – DPS could be either Madness or Deception in solo and even PvP while leveling. Madness will provide more casting options and be focused around Death Field and Crushing Darkness, which I like a lot. I leveled my Assassin as Madness. I’d team with a tank companion.
      – Deception focuses more on saber damage with some shocking/discharge going on. Positioning is more important with Deception and I’d certainly team with a tank companion.

      At 55, Darkness is only used for tanking and must be geared for it specifically. DPS can still be either Madness or Deception. Madness seems to be slightly ahead in damage as a spec but a well played Deception spec can do just about as well. PvP burst as Deception is quite fun and serves some useful purposes in warzones. Madness in PvP can put out higher numbers overall but much of that is spread around, serving a different purpose.

      Hope this is helping!

      Fun stuff.

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