SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 3 – Patch 2.4

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-03 talk about the news on some cartel fixes, the return of bounty contract week and leg two of the AIE Amazing Race. We also spend some time in a segment call “Jumping to Conclusions” where we cover what we saw and did so far on the PTS in patch 2.4. Beware minor spoilers on public patch details!

Oh, and sulky hounds don’t like cybernetic implants in their meals, so leave out the conquered enemy cyborgs. The favorite treat would, of course, be the hearts of the vanquished.

(Update: Lies! This week is Amazing Race 3 of 5, not 4 of 5 as I claim in the podcast.)

4 thoughts on “SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 3 – Patch 2.4”

  1. The instance areas of Orricon are involved with the main planetary story line. All the quests become dailies after you complete the whole arc plus 1 heroic.

  2. Nice casts, very relaxing. May I suggest a little ambient music though? It really helps mask any dead air.

  3. Thanks GaddockTeeg, both for the feedback and for the tip on the storyline. I bet that breadcrumb to go back to the fleet is what I needed to follow up on. I just was anxious to explore and wasn’t about to get back in my ship right after landing!

    1. Haha. No problem. I was just as anxious, the place looks awesome and the story arc, while short, is a perfect set up for the games first real kill your Gods moment.

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