SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 8 – Dread Fortress Tour

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast-ArtworkThis week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-08 bring you news formerly classified as super secret, patch note updates, and some news of open spots on an AIE Ops team. We also take prospective home buyers on an open house showing of the charming Dread Fortress.

…and judging by the scene in Nemro’s cantina, even if you don’t let the wookie win you should go ahead and continue playing. It’s just a flesh wound.

On Jedi Covenant, find Max playing as: Imperial (Max’z, Mhax, Mhaxs, Mhaxz) Republic (Maxz, Maxxz, M’axz) and Sema playing as: Imperial (Maurienne, Enne) Republic (Semaperdu)  

Podcast theme music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

6 thoughts on “SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 8 – Dread Fortress Tour”

  1. Another Great Show! I would have enjoyed hearing more details about what was said at the New York Cantina Tour event.

  2. Thanks again Oxi-Jin! I didn’t have too much on the NY Cantina event besides what I saw from the thumb drives they give out with leaks. I’m in the Chicago area and did go to that one a month or so ago. I recommend going to one if you get a chance. Fun fans and Eric Musco and Amber Green were very fun to hang out with.

    1. Actually I’ve been to the Dallas one, before they started handing out thumb drives. Eric and Amber have WAAYYY too much energy, very fun.

      I plan to go to the Austin one if possible next month.

  3. Great podcast, I’m curious to see if they include ship customs in the cartel market when galactic star fighter comes out. Maybe they’ll make separate packs just for that. I do have a request, can you guys talk about leveling a sorcerer on the next podcast, idk of you have leveled one or not.

    1. Class discussions sound like a fun idea. Sema has done plenty of Sorc and Sage leveling, and is an Operations healer on either. I’ve leveled a Sage up as DPS with some PvP healing along the way and a Sorc to 40 so far, but again, mostly as DPS (I’m a fan of Madness.) I’ll put it on the list!

  4. The more I read this sub benefit “Gunship Role permanently unlocks in-game on January 14, 2014” makes me think the “season” or a subs ability to get ahead of non subscribers is only ~2 weeks. Jan 14th to Feb 4th

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