SWTOR Escape Pod Cast – Two Year Anniversary

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast-ArtworkApparently today, 8/26/2015, is the two year anniversary of the show (actually recorded on 8/25/2013, published 8/26/2013.) We aren’t so good at tracking those kinds of things but thankfully we have awesome friends that reminded us. It’s been a really fun two years and we are very thankful for everyone that’s participated in any way.

We were recently gifted a SWTOR Cartel Hypercrate in honor of this anniversary by an anonymous donor. This might be a crazy way to handle it but we are going to pop that crate open and hand out a pack each to 24 people chosen at random at the end of next week’s show. It might take a week or two for us to figure out how to get everyone their crate but I’d rather spread it around to everyone. No guarantees, but hopefully this will work out.

So either show up in the live stream chat room for the show on Monday 8/31/2015 or shoot us an email between now and then with a character name, faction and server and I’ll put your name on the list of possible winners. Only do one per person or it will get messy:

Thanks for listening and supporting the show for two years!

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