SWTOR Gree Rep Calc

Update for 8/1/2013: This is slightly out of date at this point since there are now reputation gain bonuses based on your guild membership. I also need to confirm if the differences between sub and non-sub still exist. I’ll get that worked out and then will be converting this to a general tool across any new rep.

Background on why you may want to “bank” reputation explained here. Instructions:

  1. On line 3 enter the amount of reputation you currently have at each level (e.g. 2500 in Outsider, 5000 in Newcomer, and 4650 in Friend)
  2. On lines 8 through 15 enter how many spare trophies you have on each character. If you only have them on one or two leave the rest zero. Double up if you have more than 8.
  3. Look in the lower right to get an idea of how many extra trophies you still need to get to Champion, since that will be the target most players are going for.

Feel free to use the links in the bottom of the frame to download a copy. Enjoy!

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