WOW Tillers Gift Tracking

Downloadable version here. This one is read-only and won’t save your changes.

The Tillers are hungry! It isn’t immediately apparent but there is a quest for each of the Tiller “friends” for gifts and a daily food item. I use this tool to check these off as I go (though this page won’t save if you refresh) and look ahead to the ingredients needed for each. I’ve listed a couple other instructions and tips at the bottom. Enjoy!

  • The gift quests are repeable without limit. You dig up those gifts out of the “dark soil” in the Heartland area.
  • The food quests are daily and require 5x of each food item. Once you have the 5 in your inventory the quest indicator shows up over that person once you are in their vacinity.
  • The food quest give you friendship rep with that person and also yeild a Lesser Charm of Good Fortune and 5 Valor Points.
  • For the locations, each of the Tillers may be at Halfhill on a given day/time or may be out at their own location at the coordinates given.
  • Max rep with any of the Tillers gets you additional bonuses and upgrades for your farm.
  • Wowhead has a good overall guide on the Tillers in general.

 Feel free to leave any comments, updates or feedback here. Thanks!

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