BioWare – Best Support in the Multiverse

Hi team! Just checking in from a parallel universe to yours where I wanted to highlight the awesome job BioWare has done with the recent server outage. I understand things may not be as perfect in your particular quantum branch of reality but fear not, things are great in the “larger” reality. Here’s some of the stuff we’ve seen today:

10:48 AM CDT – Server outage begins

10:50 AM CDT – Amber Green posts a note on Twitter, the forums and Facebook letting us know they see the outage and are scrambling the black helicopters

11:00 AM CDT – Amber updates with a note on what the engineering are seeing from the operations software and names off 3 top engineers that are personally heading into the datacenter to take a look at the issue.

11:15 AM CDT – Amber starts a liveblog and posts a photo of the engineers testing the routers. One of the engineers joins the conversation and explains that they are getting the ISPs on standby as well.

11:30 AM CDT – In the liveblog Amber posts some pictures of some seriously fried switching hardware that the ISP was able to forward.

11:45 AM CDT – Over the next hour the liveblog is updated with the ETA on the fix, photos of the guys getting the switch replaced and rewired.

11:55 AM CDT – Amber lets everyone know that they’ll have an XP boost waiting in game to help make up for lost time.

12:45 PM CDT – The community sees live video of light flashing on the installed switch. Cheering is heard across the interwebs.

1:15 PM CDT – Servers are back up, Amber has 73 marriage proposals, 3 Fortune 50 companies have forwarded job offers to the engineers, and BioWare has already been nominated for multiple customer service awards.

1:20 PM CDT – SWTOR subscriptions continue to grow, outpacing all other MMOs for first quarter 2013


Off to go level some more. I’ll send some positive quantum entanglement your way as soon as I can. Enjoy!

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