Gree Event Wrap-Up

The Gray Secant has left the skies over Ilum. I’m pretty impressed that they were able to take it out of the sky like that. Here are some wrap-up notes on where things stand with the Gree:

  • The missions are done: The mission terminal has been removed and the Gray Secant has left. Upon landing at the bases the droid you first meet does explain that they will return in the future for “comparative analysis.”
  • The vendors remain: The two Gree vendors remain and their inventory is the same as it has been since the start of the event.
  • The Wampa and Worm bosses remain: This is an important twist. These two bosses still do spawn, still drop random Black Hole gear, and still drop Gree reputation trophies. I expect plenty of grinding of these bosses for those that still need additional reputation in the coming weeks.
  • Reputation turn-in still works: Still a 12000 cap to activate a turn-in with a 13410 maximum. If you’ve been clever and have done 13410 each week so far you’ll be 230 into Champion at this point. Congrats! 30k rep to legend is confirmed.

That’s about it. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll update or answer here in comments. Feel free to continue to use the calculator to see how far you are from Champion or Legendary. Long live our new Gree overlords!

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